General questions
You sign up with an email and create a password. Then you can create as many measurement surveys as you'd like, for as many participats as you'd like. And you can share the results to as many as you'd like, as well.
Yup, there will always be a free option, and we'll try to make it as useful as possible. Of course it's nice to eat, so we do plan to have non-free options if you want some more power out of your Affluxant (especially serial facilitators and enterprises will love some of the stuff we've got planned). And we promise that even if you downgrade or stop paying, you'll just revert to the free option, keeping all your data for viewing or export.
Well, we had a need for this tool ourselves through all the UX / usability research we were doing for all our awesome clients, so we made it. And even though it was made by a small company that - for better or for worse - are somewhat remotely interested in feeding their starving families, we didn't think the basics of this should hinder it being useful. Odd coming from usability folks.

Some things in life should be free. I mean, if you want to pay us, please do, but in some way the free tool for all pays itself by you, our gentle and humble users, maybe hiring the guys at ThinkPlot for something? That would be grand.
We collect lots of data, however you own all of it, and you will always have access to it, or the ability to delete it at will. We'll never use it, in fact, we'll never even look at it.
Reports, measurements and metrics
  • ThinkPlot UX capture is our own list of words we use to track UX from participants. Seems to work really well.
  • Microsoft Desirability Toolkit (MDT) is Microsoft's own list of words to measure desirability. You can read more about it over here.
  • Nielsen Norman modified MDT is Nielsen Norman Group's modified version of Microsoft's. You can read more about that over here.
We'd love to. Tell us how it works and how useful it is, and we'll try to put it in.
Sure, why not? If it makes sense to you, it might make sense to others. We've got some visuals in place, and we're always looking for the next awesome way to report on the data. Show us the way.
The easiest way to contact us is to email us at We're planning on carrier pigeon support in the near future, but for paying customers in the future there'll be phone support as well.